NIH Announces New Centralized Notifications for Unfunded Applications

Notice Number: NOT-OD-19-133As the National Institutes of Health continues towards its goals of reducing administrative burden, business practices are being updated to improve efficiency and service to the applicant community. The purpose of this Notice is to inform the NIH extramural community of a new centralized, streamlined process for official notification of unfunded applications.


NIH will begin sending centralized, automated correspondence to applicant organizations to notify of NIH’s intent not to fund the indicated applications. A consolidated email, listing the applications which NIH does not intend to fund, will be sent by the NIH eRA system to the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR)/Signing Official (SO) listed in the grant application and to the Notice of Award email address listed in the applicant’s eRA Commons Institutional Profile File (IPF). The email will be sent approximately 14 months after the application’s council date.

In addition to the official email correspondence, individuals with the privileges to view status, including PIs, will be able to see if an unfunded application notification has been sent for a specific application in eRA Commons.

Funding decisions indicated in the correspondence are specific to the applications included in the email and have no impact on subsequent submissions, including resubmissions. No changes have been made to NIH’s application submission/resubmission policy, as outlined in NOT-OD-18-197.


For more information, please see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  and the eRA Online Help webpage.