Nominate a Co-Worker for the Rave Award

Attention Illinois Tech staff and students: This year the Student Employment Office (SEO) is announcing a fun program that allows you to “rave” about the people you work with. The Rave Award was created to honor both student employees and supervisors of student employees who go above and beyond to support the mission, goals, and values of your department and Illinois Tech. This ongoing program is a way to recognize the little things that may otherwise go unnoticed, that keep us motivated, positive, and improve the work of our offices in a variety of ways. For example:

Your student:

  • trains other students without being asked
  • refills the copier every week
  • fully mastered that pesky internal tracking system

Your supervisor:

  • provides you with really useful training for your job
  • offers professional development advice
  • greets you with a smile every day

Do any of these remind you of someone you know? Submit a nomination

Every nominee will receive a Certificate of Appreciation. Nominees must either be a student employee, supervisor of student employee, a department, or a department coordinator who is involved in hiring students. Nominations will be accepted throughout September and October, until Tuesday, October 31. Those nominated after October 31 will be considered for next semester.