Now Hiring – Summer Positions Teaching Diverse, High-Achieving IIT Boeing Scholars Academy Students

IIT Boeing Scholars Academy is hiring six full-time (9 am – 5:30 pm) program instructors for the academy’s 4-week, non-residential summer session (weekdays June 25 – July 20). The positions are especially well-suited to advanced undergraduate students or graduate students considering a profession and/or further study in the field of education.

Summary of position:
Each program instructor is responsible for leading a cluster of 15-17 high-achieving high school students (rising juniors and seniors; “IIT Boeing Scholars”) through a 4-week summer program, which provides participants with an interdisciplinary, thematic program of activities focused on increasing access and exposure to STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), solving real-world problems, and addressing “big ideas” of relevance to high school students in the Chicago area (see details about last summer’s programming). General program instructor duties include co-planning and implementing challenging STEM academic lessons, labs, and projects; acting as teacher assistants to faculty program advisor(s) and guest workshop leaders; and contributing to related project management, logistical planning, and materials acquisition. Each program instructor will be expected to lead development of one 3-4-hour “Project Challenge” (a hands-on, interdisciplinary “problem-centered” project). Additionally, program instructors will participate in “Issues Forum” lectures alongside scholars, chaperone field trips, assist with college/career exploration programming, and support scholars as they develop leadership projects to be implemented in their home schools/communities.

Beyond valuable project development and teaching experience, this position offers a unique opportunity to meet innovative leaders from diverse fields, industries, and organizations, as well as to collaborate with IIT professors in a professional setting.

Qualifications and desired characteristics INCLUDE (but are not limited to):
● IIT advanced undergraduate student or graduate student in any discipline, with GPA of 3.3 or better and with strong lab experience. We are especially interested in students with STEM majors/concentrations, MSED coursework, and/or IPRO experience.
● Experience teaching, tutoring, and/or mentoring, preferably adolescents.
● Intellectual and emotional readiness to lead, support, and manage a diverse group of 15-17 high school students as they endeavor to solve challenging open-ended problems in a classroom environment.
● Very strong organizational, time-management, administrative, and communication skills, with excellent attention to detail.
● Strong record of leadership, service, responsibility, ethical behavior, and interpersonal and intercultural sensitivity.
● Genuine interest in interacting with the diverse student population of Chicago, and in leaving a lasting positive impact on the lives of talented young people.

Find more information and apply through NACElink, using ID# 24261566.

Applications are due by Monday, March 19.

IIT Boeing Scholars Academy
The IIT Boeing Scholars Academy is a free, year-round academic enrichment program that enables access and exposure to STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, mathematics)—as well as architecture, business, and psychology—for high-achieving juniors and seniors from Chicago-area high schools. Of the 94 students in our broadly diverse 2011-12 cohort, 54% are from a population underrepresented in STEM fields, 53% are female, 36% are first-generation college, and 77% attend a Chicago Public School or affiliated charter. Founded in 2011, the IIT Boeing Scholars Academy is supported by a generous grant from the Boeing Company.