NSF and SRC Solicit Proposals for Intelligent Cognitive Assistants

The Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) is soliciting proposals in the area of Intelligent Cognitive Assistants (ICA). The ICA program will provide supplemental funding* to the Future of Work at the Human-Technology Frontier: Advancing Cognitive and Physical Capabilities (FW-HTF) program offered by the National Science Foundation.

The program goals, future applications, and research space for the Intelligent Cognitive Assistant (ICA) initiative are vast, from production to social life. Enhancing human physico-cognitive capabilities, while respecting social, ethical and legal concerns, is a main goal. The ICA program is focused on creating the foundations for holistic artificial intelligence for supporting physical and cognitive human activities, creating modular ICA system architectures and devices enabling scalability and adaptability, and improving the human-intelligent machine interface. This will be achieved with a wide range of domain expertise and should revolve around the common themes from the ICA workshop. The detailed research needs can be found in the ICA workshop report.

The proposal would be submitted through NSF and then again through SRC.  The letter of intent is due Monday, April 16.

Per Illinois Tech policy all grant applications and related documents, regardless of the funding type and amount of the request, must be reviewed, signed, and submitted by the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs. Please contact osrp@iit.edu or call 312.567.3035 for assistance.