NSF Issues Dear Colleague Letter – Division of Chemistry 2018 Supplemental Funding Requests for International Collaboration

The National Science Foundation (NSF) Strategic Plan (2014-2018) outlines a vision for the agency: “A Nation that creates and exploits new concepts in science and engineering and provides global leadership in research and education.” NSF’s Division of Chemistry (18-037) seeks to fulfill this vision by advancing research and education in chemistry and ensuring that the U.S. research community remains at the forefront of the field by providing access to the knowledge and resources that exist globally.

In this context, the Division of Chemistry is inviting requests for supplemental funding from its existing awardees who may wish to add a new, or strengthen an existing, international dimension of their award when such collaboration advances the field of chemistry and enhances the U.S. investigator’s own research and/or education objectives. NSF’s Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (PAPPG) Chapter VI.E.4, provides specific guidance on preparing a request for supplemental funding. Principal Investigators supported by NSF Division of Chemistry awards are advised to consult with their NSF program director prior to submitting a supplemental funding request. Supplemental funding requests should be submitted no later than Monday,¬†April 2.