NSF Limited Submission: Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) in Engineering and Computer Science

If you are interested in submitting an NSF 15-536 Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) in Engineering and Computer Science proposal, please send an abstract of no more than three pages to esoto2@iit.edu by the internal deadline of Monday, March 9 at noon. Please follow IIT’s guidelines for internal competitions available here.

  • Institutional Limit: 3
  • Internal Deadline: Monday, March 9 at noon
  • Full Proposal Deadline: Wednesday, April 8


Synopsis of Program

The Directorate for Engineering (ENG) and the Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE), have joined to support the Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) in Engineering and Computer Science program. This program supports active, long-term collaborative partnerships between K–12 science, technology, engineering, computer and information science, and mathematics (STEM) teachers, community college and university faculty, and students to bring knowledge of engineering or computer and information science and engineering as well as technological innovation to pre-college/community college classrooms. The goal of these partnerships is to enable K–12 STEM teachers and community college faculty to translate their research experiences and new knowledge gained in university settings into their classroom activities. The university team will include faculty, and graduate and undergraduate students, as well as industrial advisors. Involvement of graduate students in support of academic-year classroom activities is particularly encouraged. Partnerships with inner city, rural, or other high-needs schools are especially encouraged, as is participation by underrepresented minorities, women, and persons with disabilities.

As part of the long-term partnership arrangements, university undergraduate/graduate students will partner with pre-college/community college faculty in their classrooms during the academic year to help teach engineering/computer science concepts.

This announcement features two mechanisms for support of in-service and pre-service K–12 STEM teachers and community college faculty: (1) RET supplements to ongoing ENG and CISE awards and (2) new RET Site awards. RET supplements may be included outside this solicitation in proposals for new or renewed NSF ENG and CISE grants or as supplements to ongoing NSF ENG- and CISE-funded projects. RET in Engineering and Computer Science Sites, through this solicitation, are based on independent proposals from engineering or computer and/or information science departments, schools, or colleges to initiate and conduct research participation projects for K–12 STEM teachers and/or community college faculty.

Per IIT policy, all grant applications (federal and non-federal) must be reviewed, signed, and submitted by the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs regardless of the amount of the request. Please contact osrp@iit.edu or call at 312.567.3035 for more information on submitting a proposal.