Office of Financial Aid: Illinois MAP Grant Disbursement

The State of Illinois MAP Grant is awarded to Illinois residents with demonstrated financial need as determined by the FAFSA. Students awarded the MAP Grant receive $178 per credit for up to 15 credits each semester. This makes the maximum MAP Grant award each semester $2,670.

Students receiving the MAP Grant at Illinois Tech for the first time must submit Illinois residency documentation to the Office of Financial Aid. You can view a list of acceptable documentation in the Financial Aid Dashboard of your MyIIT Portal.

The MAP Grant is limited to covering tuition and mandatory fees. Since this grant is tied to a student’s enrollment, it will disburse after the add/drop date each semester. This means that the MAP Grant disburses several days after federal and institutional aid. The add/drop date for the Fall Semester is September 5, 2020, and for the Spring Semester it is January 23, 2021.

Students can contact the Office of Financial Aid by calling (312) 567-7219 or emailing You can also find information on scheduling an appointment with the Office of Financial Aid here.