Office of Human Resources Announces Benefit Enhancement

Illinois Institute of Technology has implemented Carrier Claim Files for the Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) through WageWorks and Blue Cross Blue Shield to assist with card substantiation, so that you don’t need to submit receipts for certain expenses. By adding this feature, card transactions will be automatically substantiated when there is an exact match between the debit card transaction and the claim sent on the carrier file from BCBS of IL. In order for the card transaction to be substantiated the data received from BCBS of IL must match the debit card expense. For example, the date the card is used should be the date you went to the doctor, exact dollar charged and same provider name. If these items do not match you may be required to submit a receipt.

Other ways card transactions are automatically approved:

  • IIAS Store or IIAS Pharmacy Purchases
  • Co-Payments
    • Flat Co-payment amounts at a doctor’s office
  • Recurring Transactions
    • A payment that is made at the same location and for the same dollar amount as a prior payment for which the receipt was already approved by WageWorks at least one time.
  • Purchases at the online FSA store

Receipts will be requested when the card is used as follows:

  • Co-Insurance and/or deductibles that cannot be substantiated with the carrier claim file
  • Dentist and vision expenses
  • An odd dollar amount that does not match one of the co-pay amounts

Direct any questions about this new enhancement to Human Resources at 312.567.3318 or