Office of Sponsored Research and Programs Announcement: Government Shutdown

Because of a lapse in government funding (“government shutdown”), many federal agencies are unable to accept any grant proposal submissions, issue award notices or any other type of modifications.

The Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (OSRP) is following all contingency plans regarding proposal submissions.

NIH has stated that while is open and can accept electronic submissions, they have also recommended that applications not be submitted until the eRA systems are back online.

NSF Fastlane and continue to be unavailable. PIs are unable to submit annual and final project reports or project outcomes reports via Faculty should be prepared to submit these reports as soon as electronic systems become available.

All awards from federal sponsors are not being issued. If you are expecting a new award or the next phase of incremental funding, an advanced expenditure authorization form may be completed. If the funding is not provided by the sponsor, the PI will be responsible for all expenditures. All pre-spending requests approved by the appropriate department Chair. OSRP may require additional information as part of their review before approving any advanced expenditure authorization forms.

We do not have any information regarding the extension dates of proposal deadlines. However, once normal operations resume, we expect additional information.

Please note that proposals and awards to industry and other non-federal agencies are unaffected by the government shutdown. This may be a good time to pursue these opportunities in the absence of the ability to pursue federal government opportunities. We would be more than happy to assist you with these efforts.

We will continue to provide you with information as soon as we are able. Please do not hesitate to contact OSRP if you should have any questions.