ORCPD Director Glenn Krell Attains CPIA® Credential

Glenn Krell, director of Illinois Tech’s Office of Research Compliance and Proposal Development, has attained the Certified Professional Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Administrator CPIA® credential. The purpose of the certification program is to improve the quality of animal care and use programs nationwide by promoting ethical practices and advanced knowledge of IACUC administration and protection of animal subjects. The CPIA® credential constitutes formal recognition of an IACUC professional’s broad knowledge of IACUC functions and expertise about animal care and use programs. The CPIA® also validates an individual’s professional experience and mastery of a body of knowledge determined by national experts to be essential to competent IACUC administrative practices. It signals to research institutions and the public that its holders are highly qualified to discharge their duties pursuant to United States rules and regulations, prevailing ethical codes, and administrative best practices. Learn more about the CPIA credential here.

Krell is also credentialed as a Certified IRB Professional (CIP®) and as a Certified Research Administrator (CRA®).