Our Students and Their Success Comes First: A Strategic Plan for Illinois Tech

As a part of Illinois Institute of Technology’s continued commitment to providing all students with the opportunity to excel in tomorrow’s leading-edge professions, the university has finalized its strategic plan for 2020–2025, “Our Students and Their Success Comes First: A Strategic Plan for Illinois Tech.”

The Office of the Provost would like to thank the entire university community for their feedback throughout this process. University leadership has taken steps to ensure that the university’s vision aligns with the input that they received from students, faculty, and staff as much as possible, while maintaining a focus on four key university-wide priorities over the next five years:

  1. Grow and develop both our undergraduate and graduate student bodies with an emphasis on student success, both during the students’ time at Illinois Tech and after graduation in their professional careers
  2. Fully realize our identity as the premier technology-focused university in Chicago and one of the five premier technology-focused universities in the nation
  3. Strengthen our finances to enable strategic investments in our faculty, facilities, and educational and research programs
  4. Become a leading university in the development and delivery of our educational and research programs
By focusing on and accomplishing these critical objectives, Illinois Tech will enhance its visibility in distinctive areas of education and research, using as its platform the global city of Chicago, driven by a professional and technology-oriented focus, and based on a culture of innovation and excellence. In an effort to help actualize this vision, all units will develop their own strategic plans in support of this overall mission to outline specific actions within each unit.