Participants in Illinois Tech’s Opt4STEM Initiative with Exelon and Von Steuben High School Awarded Joseph Blazek Foundation Scholarship

Two Von Stueben High School students, Cristiano Alguizze and Karen Miguel, enrolled in Illinois Tech’s Opt4STEM initiative with Exelon and Von Steuben High School were awarded the Joseph Blazek Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship provides recipients with $9,000 over the course of four years to cover the costs of room, board, and tuition. 

The Blazek Foundation has, as its sole purpose, the awarding of Educational Scholarships to student desiring to major in Engineering, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics or related Scientific fields. The Opt4STEM partnership was created to ensure that Von Steuben students are prepared to excel in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) degree programs at four-year research universities.

The Blazek scholarship, created at the behest of Joseph Blazek after his death, is intended for students who attend high school in Cook County, Illinois. To qualify for this scholarship, applicants must be enrolled full-time in a school of their choice; demonstrate ability and desire to achieve a good record at the college; and plan to major in engineering, mathematics, chemistry, physics, or related scientific fields. Applicants must also demonstrate financial need.