Paths to success with Illinois Tech’s Awesome African American Alumni

Feb 26, 2021 05:30 PM (CST)

Topic: Paths to success. Join us to talk about your path to success. Learn about some of our awesome Alumni and their paths to success. Featuring the paths to success that worked for Illinois Tech alumni Sherrie Littlejohn, Andrea Berry, Fred Dew and Emmanuel Klu.

Join the Zoom Meeting
Please join us on Friday, February 26 at 5:30 p.m. (CST). We will be discussing success and how to find the path to success that works for you. We will give concrete advice and suggestions to help students find their path. We will also share the story of four incredibly successful African American Alumni. We invite our students and everyone who joins us to draw inspiration from Sherrie Littlejohn, Andrea Berry, Fred Dew and Emmanuel Klu’s story. We expect there will be many other successful alumni in the zoom room so we will open the “floor” to anyone who would like to share advice or experiences on paths to success. The chat will be open too, so we will invite everyone to share links and advice that way as well. We hope you will join us and contribute to a thoughtful conversation about paths to success. We hope this will be a time where current students, recent graduates, alumni, staff and faculty can connect. All are welcome. We plan to end by asking everyone to go watch the new movie The United States vs Billie Holiday, the story of her courage was always an inspiration to me. A glimpse at the reality African Americans overcame in the not so recent past helps to give context to the challenges we are working to overcome today. We want our students to know you do not need to know a person personally to be inspired by their journey.

You can find the new movie here.