Prorated Scholarship Information for Part-Time Students

Undergraduate students enrolled in fewer than 12 credits are considered less than full-time, which reduces their tuition charges with the university. Accordingly, the scholarships previously awarded to them by Illinois Tech will not automatically disburse into their account.

In order for these students to ensure they continue to receive a scholarship from Illinois Tech, they should submit a Scholarship Proration Request through the Office of Financial Aid.

Illinois Tech understands that some students may not need a full course load to graduate or may be in a situation where it is in their best interest to enroll part-time. Prorated scholarships are meant to accommodate these students and are based on the same percentage of scholarship coverage that students receive in fall/spring.

Illinois Tech also maintains a collection of scholarship opportunities from outside entities, which all students are encouraged to review.

If you have any questions for the Office of Financial Aid, please give us a call, send us an email, or stop by during walk-in hours. Visit our website for details.