New Course: “The Psychological Science of Money”

The Department of Psychology is offering a new course for spring 2015 entitled “The Psychological Science of Money” (PSY380-01).

This course will cover topics such as the symbolic nature of money, unconscious attitudes toward money, financial decision making, pathological gambling, the psychology of being paid, the psychology of spending money, and how money impacts our interpersonal relationships. Given that we are at IIT, we will finish the course by focusing on how technology is changing the way we use money, e.g., the shift from using hard currency to credit cards and to emerging alternatives such as Paypal and Apple’s iWallet.

Prerequisites are one of the following: PSY221, PSY222, or PSY310. The textbook for this course is Bijleveld and Aarts (2014) The Psychological Science of Money.

For more information, contact Associate Professor Arlen Moller at 312.567.3505, fax 312.567.3493, or visit Moller’s website.