Psychology Professor Ron Landis Publishes Research Methods Book

Ronald S. Landis, Nambury S. Raju Professor of Psychology, recently published the co-edited book (with George Mason University Professor Jose M. Cortina) Modern Research Methods for the Study of Behavior in Organizations (Routledge Academic, 2013). The book is part of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Frontiers Series.

The goal of the chapters is to challenge researchers to break away from the rote application of traditional methodologies and to capitalize upon the wealth of data collection and analytic strategies available to them. In that spirit, many of the chapters in this book deal with methodologies that encourage organizational scientists to re-conceptualize phenomena of interest (e.g., experience sampling, catastrophe modeling), employ novel data collection strategies (e.g., data mining, Petri nets) and/or apply sophisticated analytic techniques (e.g., latent class analysis). The editors believe that these chapters provide compelling solutions for the complex problems faced by organizational researchers.