Public Safety Alert: Smartphone/iPad Thefts

IIT Public Safety would like to make the IIT community aware of an increase in reported robberies on campus involving smartphones and iPads. It appears a single offender is entering campus buildings (MTCC & SSV to date) and committing the thefts. Efforts to make an apprehension have been hindered in part because victims have been pursuing the offender rather than immediately notifying Public Safety.

We strongly suggest you do not pursue anyone involved in a theft on campus, but instead immediately contact Public Safety (312-808-6300; 312-808-6383; or the emergency telephones located on campus). Try to get an accurate description and any other useful information to assist the responding officers. We also recommend you save the Public Safety numbers on your mobile phone.

IIT Public Safety patrols the campus; however, you are an integral part of ensuring your safety.

  • Be cognizant of those who are in your facility. If you are unsure whether a person belongs there, please contact your door guard, RA or Public Safety.

  • We strongly urge students, faculty, and staff to use the emergency telephones located throughout campus to contact Public Safety. Doing so will greatly increase the likelihood that the offender will be identified and apprehended.

Emergency Phone Locations

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