Public Safety Forum (Updated)

IIT’s Main Campus has experienced several bicycle thefts over the past two weeks, with the thefts occurring throughout the entire campus and at various times.  The thefts have been a result of either the bicycle not being secured properly or using the incorrect locking device.

IIT Public Safety has increased patrols and as a result, has arrested three suspects.  At the time of their arrest, the suspects had in their possession a stolen bike from the previous night, bolt cutters, and burglary tools.

Although a successful apprehension was made, this does not signal the end of the thefts.  We merely have slowed the recent activity.  All bicycle users should still secure their bikes to the racks and be utilizing a U-lock.

IIT Department of Public Safety will be on the MTCC bridge from 11 am – 3 pm on Tuesday, September 18 to talk with students and staff about safety and security on campus, especially bicycle security. Public Safety will provide demonstrations on the correct methods and devices used to secure bicycles and raffle off five U-Lock bicycle lock devices.