Quick Wins Workshop – April 10

The Continuous Improvement unit in the Office of Student Access, Success, and Diversity Initiatives (SASDI) is hosting a free “quick wins” workshop for the second time this spring on Tuesday, April 10 from 9 a.m.—noon. The seminar will be held on the 12th floor of the IIT Tower in the Center for Research and Service conference room. The interactive, results-driven session is meant to help you work through a process in your office that needs improvement. In situations where we cannot overhaul an entire process, we can improve the process in the meantime with some “quick wins” to better serve students and alumni, as well as to improve the work experiences of faculty and staff members.

We will take participants step-by-step through how to:

  • map a current process,
  • analyze it for greatest effectiveness
  • develop an action plan for when they return to their office units

Bring your ideas and examples. Seminar attendees will get the most out of the session if they arrive with a few ideas of real processes in their offices on which they could work during this seminar. However, a practice case study is available for those who would prefer to learn through an applied example.

Space is limited. Please RSVP here. Coffee and breakfast pastries will be provided.

This is an open invitation to learn some useful methods that have been proven, through research and anecdotally, to make projects more successful. Please pass on this invitation to faculty, staff, alumni, key student leaders, and university friends. These events are free, but space is limited.

The facilitators Megan Mozina (mmozina@iit.edu) and Molly McCaughey (mmccaugh@iit.edu) are part of SASDI’s Continuous Improvement unit. Both are certified in change management and have backgrounds in adult training/education. To learn more about our fall 2017 seminars, read the short blog posts from October, November, and December. ci workshop.jpg