Rapid3D Conference 2016 3D Art Gallery

Krawczyk_Air_101g12Architecture Professor Robert Krawczyk’s 3D printed series “Containing Air” has been selected for the Rapid3D 2016 3D Art Gallery, at the 3D: Printing, Scanning, and Additive Manufacturing Conference, May 16-19, 2016 in Orlando, Fla. Introduced in 2010, the 3D Art Gallery highlights the innovative new approach to art creation and production that’s made possible by additive manufacturing, 3D printing, 3D imaging, and digital sculpture. This high-speed, on-demand medium allows the impossible to be possible from the finite barriers of reproduction for a single artist to the unlimited reproductions of artists’ works. At RAPID 2016, artists familiar with design software and additive manufacturing processes have the opportunity to display their work to an appreciative audience.