Rave: New IIT Alert System

Illinois Tech has begun implementing a new software platform for alerts starting Tuesday, January 3. Rave, an industry leader in emergency communication technology, is replacing Regroup as our software platform. While the new platform provides many behind-the-scenes improvements, the transition will be seamless to recipients of alerts, which will continue to be sent by email, text, and voice message to current and future registrants in the system. Illinois Tech email addresses are automatically used for all Illinois Tech students, faculty, and staff. Text and phone messages are sent only to those numbers that are entered into the system by their owners.

Anyone who was already registered for IIT Alert has automatically been transitioned to the Rave system. However, this is a good time to verify that your contact information in the alert system is complete and up to date. Make sure to add in your mobile phone number to receive text messages and phone calls. Effective January 3, users can access the Rave registration through the myIIT Portal under the IIT Alert icon to register or check their information. The web link for your reference is https://getrave.com/login/iit.

Non-Illinois Tech users can sign up for the IIT Alert system using the Google form IIT Alert Non-IIT User Enrollment Form. Non-Illinois Tech users who are already signed up for IIT Alerts through the old system will be transitioned automatically.iitalert_RAVE_header.jpg