Recipes Needed for Special Lunch in The Commons

In honor of Women’s History Month (March 2013), IIT Dining Services wants to help pay tribute to all the wonderful women in your life who have cooked for you over the years. Submit recipes from your mother (or from your grandmother, sister, or another special woman in your life) with a story as to why each recipe is special to you. Every Friday during lunch in March 2013 we will feature some of these as part of “My Mother’s Recipes” at the Hawk Classics Station in The Commons.

Send along any recipe—even if it came from the back of a soup can or a box of pudding—as long as it holds special meaning for you.

To participate, visit to access the online form. You will need to submit the following:
•A few sentences about yourself
•The recipe, including the individual ingredients and specific steps for preparation
•A few sentences about why this recipe is dear to you

Email a picture of the woman who made it special and her relation to you to to be included in a sign at the station in The Commons.

Thank you for sharing your recipes and stories with us! Be sure to mark your calendar for Friday lunch in The Commons in March. Disclaimer: Please note that we will not be able to serve all recipes submitted. For more information email