Register for the EPA’s Indoor Air Quality Science Webinar with Featured Speaker Brent Stephens

Register for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) webinar ‘Navigating the Landscape of Air Cleaning Technologies for COVID-19’ with guest speaker Brent Stephens, department chair of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering (CAEE) in Armour College of Engineering.

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Wednesday, 21 June
1-3 p.m. EDT

The global COVID-19 pandemic has prompted widespread demand for air cleaning technologies aimed at reducing risks of airborne infectious disease transmission inside buildings. Along with increased ventilation, portable and in-duct air cleaners are increasingly being recommended as part of a layered approach to reduce exposures to SARS-CoV-2 in airborne particles. In this webinar we will help navigate the landscape of commercially available air cleaning technologies, provide insight on how to interpret air cleaner test reports, and provide recommendations and tools for selection, evaluation, and sizing of portable and in-duct air cleaners.