Required Title IX Training for Students

We would like to welcome you, both old and new, to Illinois Tech for the 2020-2021 academic year. At Illinois Tech, we believe in the importance of cultivating  a community that prioritizes health and safety. 

Illinois Tech has partnered with EVERFI to provide training that will help the Illinois Tech student community be informed on topics related to bystander intervention, healthy relationships, and consent. Many of you have or will receive email communication about completing the mandatory EVERFI course by November 2, 2020. We want to clarify that all new and returning students are required to complete this course annually.

We hope that the following Frequently Asked Questions will assist you in your understanding of the importance of this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the annual Title IX training requirements for Illinois Tech students?
  • Under the Illinois Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act, Illinois Tech is required to provide annual Title IX training to students who attend one or more classes on campus. The training covers information about  consent, reporting cases of sexual misconduct, resources available to students, and strategies for bystander intervention. Notification is sent to  all students at their “hawk” email address. 
  1. What does the EVERFI notification email look like?
  • The email that students receive is sent from the email address with the subject line “Online Course Assigned to You by Illinois Institute of Technology.” The email is sent to the student’s “hawk” email. 
  1.   How do I access the training module?
  1. What happens if I do not complete the required course by the due date?
  • Students who do not complete the required training will receive an alert on their student account as a reminder to complete the course.
  1. How long does the training take?
  • The material addresses many different topics and can take approximately 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Depending on the student’s level of interest, additional resources are available for review.
  1. I know I took this class last year, do I have to complete it again?
  • Yes. All students are required to ensure that students are trained on Violence Against Women Act/Title IX/sexual misconduct issues. We believe that requiring all students to take it every year is a good practice, and is in compliance with the Illinois Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act.
  1. What if I am a Chicago-Kent Law school student?
  • If you are a Chicago-Kent Law school student, instructions and communication will be sent to you from Jenna Abhijeet, Director of Academic Administration & Student Affairs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Office of Community Standards at or check out our Frequently Asked Questions here.

Thank you!

Raul Fernandez

Assistant Director of Community Standards