Research Compliance Director Glenn Krell Confirmed as Certified IRB Professional (CIP®)

The Office of Research congratulates Research Compliance Director Glenn Krell on his confirmation as a Certified IRB Professional (CIP®). CIP® is a certification program for individuals working for “IRBs,” or institutional review boards that protect human subjects in research. The CIP program is overseen by the Council for Certification of IRB Professionals and certifies that individuals working with IRBs are highly qualified to discharge their duties and are knowledgeable about U.S. rules and regulations, prevailing ethical codes, and administrative “best practices.” The CIP® program was created in 1999 and since then more than 2,500 individuals have become certified. The certification process includes a four-hour exam which covers: foundations and concepts of IRB practice; organizational and personnel knowledge; records and reports; and IRB functions and operations.

Join the Office of Research in congratulating Krell on this achievement. To learn more about the CIP® program, visit Public Responsibility in Medicine & Research.