Research Study on Vaccination Behavior

Psychology doctoral candidate Melissa Mattson seeks IIT students age 18 and older to participate in a study to examine factors that influence influenza (flu) vaccination in college students.

•What will I have to do? You will be asked to provide general demographic information and fill out several questionnaires about getting the influenza (flu) vaccine and other health habits.
•Will I have to provide any identifying information? Only your e-mail address and phone number that allows text messaging will be provided for a one-time brief follow-up (within 6 months) regarding the vaccine. This information will be kept secure and will be deleted after responses are received.
•How long will the study take? The estimated time for the entire study (start to finish) is 30 minutes
•What will my compensation be? Upon completion of the study, you will be entered into a drawing to win $200.00 (one winner)

To participate: Please contact the investigator at or complete the survey online here.