Ronald R. Hochsprung is the 2016 Collens Merit Award Recipient

Meet Ronald R. Hochsprung (CS ’72), the 2016 Collens Merit Award recipient.

Hochsprung is retired from Apple, Inc. after 33 years of service as a distinguished engineer. At Apple, Hochsprung worked on the Lisa and Macintosh computers and was the system architect of the Mac II. Most recently he was on the team that developed Thunderbolt input-output technology. Prior to his work at Apple, Hochsprung worked for Illinois Tech in the computer center and as an instructor teaching operating systems and computer hardware courses. He co-developed the IITRAN coding language, which was later used to support a computer programming class for high school students, and he implemented the IITROS system that provided remote access into the IIT computer system for those students. He holds more than 20 patents.

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