Schedule for Illinois Tech’s Wireless Upgrade – Week of July 9 and July 16

As you know, Illinois Tech began upgrading the wireless network on all Illinois Tech campuses on July 9. The new infrastructure will provide enhanced wireless connectivity at 10Gbps, while the backbone infrastructure has been upgraded to 20Gbps.

To ensure you are ready to connect to the new wireless network, please make sure your wireless devices have the latest drivers installed to prevent degraded performance.  If you need assistance with this process, please contact the Office of Technology Services’ (OTS) Support Desk for assistance.

During Phase 3 of this upgrade project, which will happen in waves, building-by-building, you may experience temporary, wireless-connectivity interruptions, and you may need to re-authenticate to join the IIT-Secure network. A complete schedule of dates and affected buildingswhich is subject to change, so check back regularly – is available for your convenience by clicking on the above-listed link. Below listed are the anticipated activities for this week and next.

July 9-13

Campus Building Target Date 
Mies Carman Hall July 9
Mies Gunsaulus Hall July 10
Mies McCormick Student Village (MSV) July 10–11
Mies MSV – Lewis Hall Thursday, July 12
Mies Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority July 12
Mies Kappa Phi Delta Sorority July 12
Mies Triangle Fraternity July 12
Mies MTCC and The Commons Friday, July 13
Mies Delta Tau Delta Fraternity July 13
Mies Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity July 13
Mies Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity July 13

July 16–20



Target Date


State Street Village (N)

Monday, July 16


State Street Village (M)

Tuesday, July 17


State Street Village (S)

Wednesday, July 18


Keating Hall

July 18