Science at IIT: Past, Present, and Future

Join Russell Betts, professor of physics and dean of the College of Science and Letters, for a fascinating talk about the history of science at IIT! His talk, “Science at IIT: Past, Present, and Future,” will provide a timeline of the development of the sciences at IIT and emphasize the exciting future of these fields. It will be especially significant as it precedes an important transformation that the College of Science and Letters is set to undergo in fall 2013. At this time, IIT College of Science and Letters will become the College of Science, and the letters departments will join with psychology to form a new college. The formation of a standalone College of Science with applied mathematics, biology, chemistry, computer science, and physics departments presents a great opportunity to grow and strengthen these areas and their programs. Betts’ talk will set a context for this evolution.

“Science at IIT: Past, Present, and Future” will take place at 2 pm on Friday, September 21 in the McCormick Tribune Campus Center, McCloska Auditorium, located on 3241 South State Street. Please RSVP here by Monday, September 17 or email