Seeking Applications for MMAE’s Thomas and Josette Morel Graduate Fellowship

The Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering (MMAE) Department at Illinois Institute of Technology invites candidates interested in pursuing graduate degrees in MMAE at Illinois Tech to apply for the Thomas and Josette Morel Graduate Fellowship, which honors former MMAE faculty Andrew Fejer, T. Paul Torda and Mark Morkovin.

Any MMAE student interested in pursuing graduate thesis/dissertation research is welcome to apply for this fellowship, though the department is particularly interested in increasing diversity amongst doctoral students. Therefore, members of underrepresented minority groups within the field are strongly encouraged to apply.

This fellowship will cover the tuition costs and provide a reasonable stipend for living expenses. Selected recipients will receive the fellowship for two years subject to satisfactory academic performance. They are expected to transition to a research assistantship for the remainder of their studies.

Illinois Institute of Technology has a strong national reputation in engineering, and has active ongoing research programs in all branches of mechanical, aerospace, and materials science and engineering. The MMAE Department currently has 24 faculty and nearly 700 undergraduate and graduate students. The department offers M.S and Ph.D. degrees in mechanical and aerospace engineering as well as M.S and Ph.D. degrees in materials science and engineering.

Applicants should submit their applications through the graduate admissions portal. All applicants for the doctoral program and the M.S program (with thesis option) will be considered for the fellowship. Priority consideration will be given to all applications received by April 15.

For additional information, and to be added to those being considered for the fellowship, please contact Elena Magnus, administrative coordinator in MMAE at with a detailed resume and transcripts. For more information about the MMAE department please visit: