SGA Student Research Committee Seeks Members

Dear Faculty and Students,

The Illinois Tech Student Government Association is developing the Committee on Research Affairs, which has the mission to advance research done by Illinois Tech graduates and undergraduates while developing a research active, ready, and diverse student population. Currently, representatives across multiple disciplines are needed, as are various other positions relevant to the committee, such as web developers, journalists, and digital content creators.

Recently, the committee has released a call for graduate representatives. Current goals of the committee include: working with and developing the Elevate opportunity hub, especially to highlight opportunities for international students; increasing the amount of and value of discipline-specific programming for undergrad research, grad school, and industry research; creating and supporting projects and research opportunities; and developing a university-wide mentorship program to enhance the pipeline from a research-inactive status to a research-active status, both for graduates and undergraduates, while also assisting with integrating students from all nationalities, languages, genders, and religions.

Since our inception, with the few undergraduate team members we have, we’ve already sponsored and hosted workshops on research writing with the Galvin Library, seminars on the process of getting involved with and pursuing a career in research, as well as lunches that engage students in brief research activities with research-active professors.

If you have any interest in the committee, please email

If you have any comments, questions, or complaints regarding research, the email above can also be used.

Kind regards,
Nikhila Panyam
Vice Chair, SGA SCRA