Shimer College Fall 2013 Schedule

Shimer College is excited to announce its fall class schedule, which includes:

  • The Foundations of Math and Logic
  • A film course covering the work of Stanley Kubrick
  • Rumi and the Sufi Tradition
  • And many more offerings!

As always, we welcome IIT students to enroll in Shimer classes. If you haven’t heard of us, Shimer College is a four-year liberal arts college located on IIT Main Campus. We offer students at IIT and VanderCook College of Music the opportunity to cross-register for many courses in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. If you are looking to fulfill elective requirements, a Shimer course may be a perfect fit!

As a cross-registrant you will experience first hand Shimer’s unique model of education. We use source texts instead of textbooks, dialog rather than lectures and our classes always have 12 or fewer students. Through our collective efforts we foster a sense of creative exploration and personal commitment that is hard to find elsewhere. One IIT student described her experience at Shimer like this:

“I took a film class at Shimer, which I would highly recommend. There were never any lectures . . . all discussions were student-led. The small class size led to very thoughtful discussions. Also, I got to meet a new group of students I would otherwise have never met, and have remained friends with some of them.”

If you are interested in cross-registering for a course at Shimer or are just curious about what we do here, take a look at the fall schedule. For questions regarding registration, contact Jim Ulrich, Shimer registrar, at or 312.235.3523. You can also stop by Shimer any time. The college is located on the second floor at 3424 State Street in the central building. Hope to hear from you soon!