Shuttle Service Canceled For Main and Downtown Campuses – August 6

The Main and Downtown Campus shuttle service has been canceled for Thursday, August 6. The current service provider is unable to continue operations and the Access Card and Parking Services (ACaPS) Office has exhausted efforts to implement an immediate service provider.

A new service provider, Aries Charter Transportation, was scheduled to begin later this month, however, they have stepped up and agreed to begin service on Friday, August 7. Given the unforeseen circumstance, the first few days of service will operate on a limited (hourly) basis. Regular service is scheduled to resume on Tuesday, August 11. The complete transitional schedule (effective Friday) will be published on the shuttlebus webpage by noon on August 6.

ACaPS sincerely regrets this experience and appreciate your patience and consideration during this period of transition.

The ACaPS Office remains committed to facilitating a safe and reliable shuttle service for the campus community.

Questions or concerns may be directed to 312.567.8968.