Spaghetti Lunch to Support IPRO 372 – April 14

Come enjoy all the delicious spaghetti you can eat for just $5 and help support IPRO 372’s current project from 11 am – 3 pm on April 14 at the Skull House. All profits will be used this summer for the construction of a trade school in Mexico. Not only will you walk away with a belly full of pasta but with the knowledge that you’ve helped make a difference.

IPRO 372: Global Design Exchange
For any given developing community, a myriad of harsh realities exist including joblessness, health and safety risks, and substandard housing. In many cases, an externally provided “first step in the right direction” greatly alleviates these afflictions. Global Design Exchange’s goal is to provide a first step in regards to substandard living conditions by teaching the knowledge and skills required to generate safe and sustainable homes within these developing communities.