Special Fall Edition of Kaplan Pitch Tank – November 17

On November 17, six of Italy’s top startup founders will pitch their businesses to a panel of Chicago’s top corporate leaders and venture capitalists at the Kaplan Institute! This is a unique opportunity to not only meet some of the most exciting startups coming out of Italy, but to network with leaders all across Chicago’s innovation ecosystem.

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Who will you vote for?

When you arrive, you will receive three voting tokens which you can use to vote for your favorite startup. You will have 30 minutes to explore the startup exhibition room to meet the Italian founders as well as learn about their startups before deciding who to vote for.

Who’s Pitching?

  • Fabrizio Cardinali, Founder & CEO of MYWAI . MYWAI delivers an Edge #ai / MLOps platform for the creation, delivery and certification of edge intelligence for the #InsurTech, #FinTech and #EnerTech sectors.
  • Riccardo Castagno, COO of Robota. Robota is an automated, robotic sterilization platform for #medical and laboratory instruments.
  • Luigi Gulino, CEO of OrangeDev. OrangeDev builds custom software for industrial applications, including software that simplifies and digitizes inspections.
  • Mauro Mastronicola, Founder & CIO of TwinOne. TwinOne creates digital twins of #consumer products to allow for quick renderings, product experimentation, and #markettesting.
  • Domenico Crescenzo, MBA, Founder & CEO of Screevo. Screevo is an enterprise #SaaS platform providing software-agnostic remote voice control solutions for plant floor operators in manufacturing facilities.
  • Federico Davoli, Co-Founder of Logbot. Logbot is the first modular ‘off-the-shelf’ #IoT platform that helps #SMEs access devices and remotely manage plants and production lines anytime, anywhere.