Explore the Constitution, the Supreme Court, and Your Fundamental Rights in New Class

Same sex marriage…abortion…privacy rights…Second Amendment…right to assisted suicide…genetic testing…affirmative action…immigration… electronic surveillance…search and seizure…discrimination…cruel and unusual punishment. Are you intrigued by these controversial issues?

Contemporary Constitutional Issues (PS 318), taught by full-time practicing attorney and IIT alumna Meghan Gonnissen, explores how the Supreme Court makes decisions about our basic rights. Focusing on the Court’s own decisions, we will explore past cases, those en route to the Court, and future matters that will undoubtedly be decided by the Court in our lifetime.

At the heart of these fundamental rights is the right to privacy—anonymity, control and use of information, bodily integrity, decisional privacy—and the challenges posed by ever-evolving technology. Not only are these issues personally captivating, but the Court’s interpretation and application of the Constitution in ruling on these issues impacts all professionals, not just lawyers. It is important to understand the Supreme Court’s influence on your field of study. The Court’s decisions impact and often establish boundaries in biology, psychology, engineering, chemistry, computer science, architecture, and so many other fields.

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