Spring 2014 Armour R&D Expo Winners Announced

More than 40 Armour College of Engineering (ACE) students participated in the Spring 2014 Armour R&D Expo. At the event, students that participated in the Program for Undergraduate Research in Engineering (PURE) and Mentored INnovative Development students presented posters detailing the research they had completed.

ACE PURE provides undergraduate students the opportunity to conduct research alongside researchers at and outside IIT. The program is part of IIT Engineering Themes distinctive education initiative, where students are given the opportunity to study areas in which engineers can impact the entire global population, while enriching and advancing their education. All ACE PURE projects related directly to one of the current IIT Engineering Themes: Water, Health, Security, and Energy.

ACE MIND is a program for undergraduate engineering students. MIND focuses on the development and implementation of technology to address contemporary challenges improving and impacting mankind and the environment. This new program is about the development of technology based on research findings, rather than the execution of basic research. We encourage faculty and students to participate in this new program to explore new applications of ongoing research and/or work towards the utilization of innovative technology.

Winners will be contacted under separate cover on how to claim their prizes. Prizes were awarded for the winner, 1st runner-up, and 2nd runner-up in each of the four themes provided there was a sufficient number of presenters.

Spring 2014 winners:

Sylvia Ordzywolska “Construction and Use of the Cheapstat Potentiostat”

Ritika Dhawan Characterization of Nanogel Swelling for Prevention of Anastomotic Leaks via Sustained Release of Doxycycline

1st Runners-up
Elizabeth English “Role of Immobilized Cell Adhesion Ligand Concentration and Stiffness on Scaffold Vascularization”

Veronica Ibarra “Histological and Immunohistochemical Characterization of the Inflammatory Response to Alginate Encapsulation Materials”

2nd Runners-up
Mateo Garcia “Simulation of Network Disruption from Traumatic Brain Injury”

Yusra Sarhan “Finding Improved Protocols for Using Deep Brain Stimulation for Treating Epilectic Seizures in Rats.

Jose Gibaja for “The effect of Alternative Fuels on Diesel Engine Combustion and Controls”

1st Runners-up
Dzenis Beganovic for “Collection of LiBH4″

Roxanne Myers with Nina Townley for “Hot Box Experiment”

2nd Runner-up
Tymoteusz Maculewicz for “Psychoacoustics for Wind Turbine Noise Inhibition

Luis Larco “Predictive Policing”

1st Runner-up
Raed Tawil “Animal Vocalization Project”