Spring 2017 Illinois Tech Career Fair Student Survey


Students, did you attend the February 22 or February 23 Career Fair? Take this survey and let us know what we’re doing well and what we can do better.

Other tips from Career Services

Did you attend a recent recruiting event, on-campus interview, or networking event? If you made some good connections but have not yet followed up, here are some ways to keep the momentum going.

  • Keep your follow-up emails brief and succinct (greeting, express gratitude, reiterate your skills/experience/value, salutation).
  • Include any specific points that you discussed with the recruiter. Review any notes you took that day.
  • Check grammar and spelling, as these errors can completely derail your message.
  • Be patient but persistent. Don’t call the company the next day if you haven’t heard back, but do maintain contact and follow up again after 10 days.
  • Here are a few follow-up email templates

Additionally, make sure to:

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