The UPass will be issued to all ELIGIBLE FULL-TIME STUDENTS (Grad students – 9 billable academic hours, Undergrad students -12 billable academic hours) for Spring 2022. 

A COVID provision, offered by the CTA, to allow full-time students the opportunity to opt-out of the program has been extended for the Spring 2022 semester. 

All eligible full-time students that do not wish to participate in the program should complete the Spring 2022 UPASS OPT-OUT FORM. You must complete this OPT-OUT form by February 1, 2022 to ensure your student account will not be charged the $155 fee.

Please send any questions about the UPass to acaps@iit.edu (Mies Campus Students). 

Kentlaw students MUST contact Jenna Abhijeet (jabhijeet@kentlaw.iit.edu) regarding their UPass. 

For more information regarding the UPass program, please visit the UPass website.