Spring Map Grant Disbursement and FAFSA Completion

The Office of Financial Aid would like to remind Illinois MAP Grant recipients that the MAP Grant will not disburse to student accounts until January 26. This is because the state pays students based on the number of credit hours in which they are enrolled. Hence, the office is required to wait until after the add/drop date to disburse this award.

Students who will have a balance after their MAP Grant disburses should arrange for payment on or before the payment due date of January 26. For reference, students who qualify for the MAP Grant will receive $2,360.00 per semester if they are enrolled in at least 15 credit hours. Students enrolled in less than 15 credit hours will receive $157.33 less per credit hour. For example, a student enrolled in 12 credit hours will receive $1,888.00 for the semester.

As a final reminder, the Office of Financial Aid encourages students to complete their FAFSA before February 15. Completing a FAFSA early in the year helps prepare families for the upcoming school year. Additionally, it ensures that qualifying children of Illinois residents receive a MAP Grant for the 2015-2016 school year.

Contact the office at 312.567.7219 or finaid@iit.edu with financial aid questions.