Stay Safe With These Common Sense Public Safety Tips

Welcome new and returning students. While the Illinois Tech Mies (Main) Campus is a generally safe place, due to the presence of public safety, emergency telephones and the large number of individuals present, no place is crime-proof, and risks for being a victim of a crime may well increase as you move away from the campus because these factors are not present. Therefore, take a common sense approach when walking on or off campus and DON’T BE A TARGET:

  • Plan your way in advance and use well-traveled routes.
  • Avoid dark or deserted areas. Don’t take short cuts through alleys, parks, or vacant lots, especially at night.
  • Keep your smartphone and other electronic devices out of sight whenever possible. Smartphones are, by far, the number one most stolen item in incidents on or near the Mies (Main) Campus. Using them while walking or commuting not only highlights them as easy targets but also distracts you from your surroundings.
  • Avoid being maneuvered into alleyways, doorways, or cars.
  • Be aware of those around you and if you think you’re being followed, cross the street, change direction, or go to a public place where others are present.
  • Never accept a ride or get too close to a car if someone is asking for directions.
  • Walk with confidence and always keep moving. Don’t wear headphones, ear buds, or talk on your phone.
  • Try to walk in pairs during the day and, if out at night, absolutely have a companion with you.
  • Use well-lighted walkways, keep your purse under your arm, and wallet in your back pocket.
  • Don’t carry too many packages. Keep one hand free.
  • Plan ahead so you don’t have to use an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). If you must use one, select one located in a busy area.
  • Always have your keys handy.
  • Carry enough cash to call a cab if you are in an unfamiliar area or neighborhood.
  • In case of danger, yell “get away”, throw your books, or anything you are carrying, and RUN to where other people are.
  • Don’t stand and fight. It is not worth the possibility of getting hurt.
  • If you are physically attacked, kick, punch, pull hair, bite, poke eyes, yell, and scream. The point is to either get away FAST or draw attention to you.

If you are on the Mies (Main) Campus, go to the nearest blue-light Emergency Telephone or call 808.6363. If you are off campus, call the police by dialing 911.

On The Bus? On The Train? Riding the ‘L’? 
Stay safe and get where you are going safely.  Take a common sense approach and DON’T BE A TARGET:

  • Choose a seat near the bus driver or train conductor.
  • Avoid isolated bus or train stops.
  • Don’t fall asleep.
  • Keep your belongings on your lap.
  • Be prepared and know the schedules and the route you are taking.

For more safety tips while at home or driving around, visit the IIT Public Safety website.

Also, program the number 312.808.6363 for IIT Public Safety into your phones. You can also keep track of what’s happening on campus by following IIT Public Safety on Facebook.