Student Interest Group for Open Access

Did you know universities and research institutions in the United States pay an average of $2,048,472 per year for journal subscriptions? Or that authors and contributors (potentially including yourselves and your professors!) of peer-reviewed articles are often not in control of their own published work?

These issues can be resolved through a new approach to publishing called Open Access. Open Access means free online access to scholarly research for anyone, anywhere. There are 2.5 million articles published yearly in 25,000 peer-reviewed research journals around the world, and it is the goal of Open Access to make these articles readily available to everyone.

The Open Access publishing model has the potential to advance research across all fields of study. Come learn more about the benefits of Open Access at Galvin Library at the inaugural meeting of the Student Interest Group for Open Access.

Find out more about Open Access and RSVP here.

Student Interest Group for Open Access meeting
Tuesday, April 3, 2012
5 – 6:15 pm
Galvin Library
Cherry Conference Room