Student Leadership Conference Proposals

The Office of Campus Life is looking for collaborators to partner in a re-imagined Student Leadership Conference, open to all Illinois Tech students, on Sunday, August 19 from 10 a.m.–4 p.m. The conference theme is Living The Dream: Thriving At Illinois Tech – and we know our students thriving wouldn’t be possible without the work of all of us.

We’re hoping that you (or someone on your team) may have a presentation you’ve been hoping to do to challenge our students, encourage their growth, or help them develop during their time at Illinois Tech. Topics can range in anything, from how to navigate conflict, how to engage in self-care, and even more actionable items – such as creating a career path plan, or how to manage a social media presence.

We’re asking that anyone interested complete this form no later than Friday, July 20. We will review all submissions, and do all we can to honor and include all interested parties. We will then work with anyone who is selected to present to coordinate rooms, times that work best for presenters, and any needed equipment. A typical session will last approximately 50 minutes.