Summer 2015 Courses in Psychology

The following courses will be offered by the Department of Psychology this summer. All courses satisfy the social science general education requirement.

PSYC 301-01 Industrial Psychology (Summer Session A)
Survey of practical applications of psychology to problems of business and industry: work attitudes and behavior, employee selection, morale, safety, turnover, absenteeism, and training.
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PSYC 380-01 Sport Psychology (Summer Session B)
In this course students will explore the major psychological theories related to sport and exercise behavior. The course is designed to introduce students to the field of sport and exercise psychology through a combination of classroom discussion and exercise application. Major topics to be covered include: personality characteristics and attitudes in sports, aggression in sports, social and motivational factors impacting sports performance and behavior, coaching and team dynamics, PEDs, eating disorders, and other common issues in sports, and exercise/fitness psychology.
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PSYC 380-03 Media Depictions of Disability (Summer Session B)
Media portrayals powerfully influence human thought, emotion and behavior. This course will examine how people with disabilities are represented in the media and the impact this representation has on attitudes and behavior towards people with disabilities. Students will be exposed to a variety of media sources, including film, video clips, advertising, news stories and other films, view video clips, read news stories, and other written representations of disability. The class will explore media created by people with disabilities and reactions of the disabled community to popular media depictions. Additionally, they will discuss strategies for changing public stigma directed at those with physical and mental disabilities.
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