Summer IPRO 2015 Recognition Awards

r_gr01The culmination of the summer semester’s Interprofessional Projects (IPRO) Program was marked on July 24 with IPRO Day. Over 50 teams exhibited their semester-long work throughout Hermann Hall. Dedicated panels of workplace professionals, faculty, and graduate students spent the day judging the IPRO projects, and voting on the best exhibits.

This summer, in addition to IPRO team exhibits, there was a showcase of projects from the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP). BSMP provides scholarships for students from Brazil to study engineering at an American university and complete special projects as part of their curriculum. The projects were organized via three different twelve-week summer courses offered by IIT School of Applied Technology and Academic Training and Research instructors. Students organized in teams to address specific problems within their fields, developing prototypes and/or analyses of concepts and solutions. This semester’s projects covered a range of topics including Community Engagement, STEM Education, Sustainable Energy & Vehicles, Urban Agriculture, IIT Campus Innovations, and SmartGrid Solutions.

Following the exhibit judging and lunch, IPRO Day participants gathered in the Hermann Hall Ballroom for the closing award ceremony, where the Track Winners, Quick Pitch and People’s Choice awards were announced.

Tracks Awards

Track 1 (IPRO Team)

IPRO 371 – Using Embedded Systems to Improve Biofuel Combustion Efficiency (Blake Davis (Industrial Technology & Management))

Track 2 (ATR)

ATR 4: The Wall (Mark McKinney, IIT College of Architecture)

Track 3 (BSMP)

3C: Energy Consumption Monitoring (Nancy Hamill-Governale, IIT School of Applied Technology)

Track 4 (BSMP)

4C: Applying 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing in the Bike Industry (Will Mauer, IIT School of Applied Technology)

Track 5 (BSMP)

5E: Smart Beacons (Jeremy Hajek and Daniel Tomal, IIT School of Applied Technology)

Track 6 (BSMP)

6A: UFarm IIT Irrigation Technology (Rodger Cooley and Erika Allen, IIT College of Architecture)

Track 7 (BSMP)

7A: Smart Traffic Light Signage Cloud based on Autonomous Vehicles (Madeleine England and Bob Carlson, IIT School of Applied Technology)

Track 8 (BSMP)

8C: Strategic Implementation of Autonomous Vehicles (Madeleine England and Bob Carlson, IIT School of Applied Technology)

Quick Pitch Award

IPRO 308 Urban Activators (Monica Chadha (IIT College of Architecture)

People’s Choice Award

IPRO 105 The Business of Youtube (Limia Shunia, (IIT Institute of Design))