Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Registration Now Open

Spend the summer with a computer science or applied mathematics research team in a College of Computing Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program.

SURE offers insight and learning in some of the hottest topics in applied mathematics and computer science through hands-on research experiences. Learn to work as a team member by interacting with graduate students and faculty, and gain an understanding as to what it takes to conduct real-world research.

SURE participants are eligible for a $500 per week stipend.

Enhance interdisciplinary communication skills through collaboration with Illinois Tech’s SoReMo initiative.

Each program runs 6-8 weeks from June until August. See program descriptions and registration below. Registration deadline is June 18, with the exception of BigDataX, which has a May 17, registration deadline. For more information please email

SURE programs include:

  • Big data computing
  • Secure and Privacy-Preserving AI
  • Data Analysis and Applied Statistics
  • Mathematical Modeling of Tumor Growth
  • Machine Learning in Financial Markets
  • Graph coloring problems modeling conflict-free allocation of limited resources

Learn more about SURE programs at

Apply for SURE programs using this link