Sunshine Week at Galvin Library: Improving Government Information Preservation and Access


On campus for spring break? Hang out with staff on Wednesday, March 15 from 10:30–11:30 a.m. in the Library Learning Center at Paul V. Galvin Library for a presentation about improving government information preservation and access to celebrate Sunshine Week. Sunshine Week celebrates the latest developments in freedom of information resources and the efforts to bring light to the activities of your government. Come learn about three ongoing projects to preserve and make accessible varieties of government information. We’ll bring you up to speed on Data Rescue events happening across the country including Chicago, where hacker types and others are archiving vulnerable environmental data sets; the End of Term Publication metadata project where volunteers are describing the material gathered from the Obama Administration, and the Smithsonian Institution transcription effort where Digital Volunteers are helping to make historical documents and biodiversity data more available. Galvin Library staff will personally demonstrate End of Term Publication metadata tagging and Smithsonian correspondence transcription work and show you how you can participate from your own couch. RSVP to Aric Ahrens (

This event is sponsored by the Paul V. Galvin library.