Super-Worker to Supervisor Workshop—April 26

Illinois Institute of Technology is offering a one-day “Super-Worker to Supervisor” workshop on Wednesday, April 26 from 9 a.m.–4 p.m. at the Rice Campus in Wheaton, Illinois.

Often an above-average worker, i. e., a “super-worker,” is promoted to a supervisory position. This is a drastic change for an individual who is used to being accountable solely for their own performance but who now is accountable for the performance of others. Frequently, this “super-worker” is thrown into this new position without training or sufficient guidance. He/she may be left to their own devices to adjust to this new management position.

This engaging one-day workshop is designed to assist the soon-to-be promoted to supervisor, the new supervisor, and even the experienced supervisor to identify the basic challenges, responsibilities, and new gratifications of their first management position. It focuses on successful strategies to adjust from being primarily a “doer” to a “communicator.”

Who should attend:

This workshop is ideal for the soon-to-be promoted to supervisor and the newly appointed supervisor. It will also benefit the experienced supervisor in reflecting upon their learning “in the school of hard knocks” to understand their experiences were fairly typical.

The principle concepts and strategies presented in this workshop have broad applicability for front-line supervisors in both the private and public sectors.

How you will benefit:

  • Identify the three major challenges in transitioning from “super-worker” to supervisor and how to effectively adjust to these challenges.
  • Understand the “full-spectrum” of human performance in the workplace and its implications for management.
  • Identify your personal leadership/motivation/management preference and how to develop a more balanced and flexible approach.
  • Identify and learn to avoid common pitfalls or don’ts in everyday workplace communication.
  • Identify and learn to utilize effective communication strategies or do’s in sharing information, explaining concepts and procedures, giving directions, providing feedback, conducting meetings, and other common workplace communication responsibilities of the supervisor.


The Illinois Tech super-worker to supervisor workshop objectives include:

  1. Affect a successful transition to the role of a front-line supervisor
  2. Develop an effective and balanced leadership/motivation/management style
  3. Enhance communication skills in coaching and leading teammates


William (Bill) A. Marzano, Sr. holds an Ed.D. in post-secondary Curriculum & Instruction and has enjoyed a diverse career in adult education. He first served as a psychology professor at Illinois Valley Community College, teaching courses in General Psychology and Human Relations in the World of Work. For the middle portion of his career, he transitioned to private sector management and served as a vice president of human resources and corporate training at Solar Communications, a large graphic arts enterprise located in Naperville, Illinois. There he developed and delivered a variety of customized training programs, including a supervisory/management/leadership curriculum. In the third segment of his career, he returned to public sector higher education and served in a variety of dean and vice president positions at Waubonsee Community College (WCC). Additionally, he regularly taught the Supervisory Management course at WCC and recently taught the Human Resource Management course at Aurora University.

Marzano has published more than fifteen articles in a variety of professional journals and periodicals. He has also presented at more than twenty professional conferences throughout the United States. He was interviewed on CBS Radio Network News and NBC Radio Network News and received the “Graphic Arts Trainer of the Year” while working in the printing industry.

The cost of the workshop is $395 per person.

Register today.

Questions? Contact Mary LaFleur at or 630.682.6030.