“Tech to Protect” Challenge Open to All Students this Weekend

All Illinois Tech students are invited to a codeathon contest supported by the Chicago Police Department and Motorola Solutions called the Tech to Protect Challenge, focused on public safety application development.

  • The event will take place the weekend of September 27–29 at the Motorola Solutions Schaumburg, IL campus. Online participation is also available.
  • The coding challenge is open to all (cities, companies and learning institutions) and aims to improve public safety communications technology sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
  • The contest focus areas pertain to secure communications, UI/UX, location-based services, public safety data analytics and mission-critical voice. The objective of this initiative is to bring out technology focused developers, coders focused on technology solutions that will aid emergency responders in serving and protecting communities nationwide. Please see the Tech to Protect short video for more information.
  • Winning teams in the Tech to Protect Challenge will compete for a pool of up to $2.2 million of cash prizes and national recognition by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), who is the event organizer.

Local participants can register to attend in person or online here.

For more information, please visit The Tech to Protect Challenge .  Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Tech to Protect Challenge can also be found at https://www.techtoprotectchallenge.org/faqs/ or contact Sgt. Andrew Dobda or Ed Davalos, Motorola Solutions.