Technology and Social Justice Series: Digital Shackles, the Impact of E-Carceration

Digital Shackles, the Impact of E-Carceration—the first in the 2022 Technology and Social discussion series—focuses on the long-lasting and unintended consequences created by the intersection of carceral (jail/prison) systems and technology.

As author James Kilgore brilliantly shows, these rapidly spreading reforms largely fall under the heading of “e-carceration”—a range of punitive technological interventions, from ankle monitors to facial recognition apps—that deprive people of their liberty, all in the name of ending mass incarceration. E-carceration can block people’s access to employment, housing, health care, and even the chance to spend time with loved ones. Many of these technologies gather data that lands in corporate and government databases, and may lead to further punishment or the marketing of an individual’s data to big tech.

Joining the virtual discussion with Kilgore will be Chicago-Kent College of Law Visiting Assistant Professor Alexandra Franco.

The Zoom link for the discussion will be shared upon registration.